I make people smile

Not by being funny, but by building things. For example applications, interfaces, teams and data driven yet human strategies — are some of the things I love to create.

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<developer />

I taught my self to code 10 years ago and have not stopped since. At Caspeco I helped restaurants focus on guests rather than administration as a fullstack developer, tech lead and software architect for five years.

My last mission was to move a windows application to the cloud while our company grew from 5 to 45 employees. I also evangelize open source and the web as a platform.

Data strategist

I believe in making informed decisions and I realize that I do not always know everything about everything. Data is one of the most powerful ways to discover, learn, challenge and optimize your operations and customer relationships.

At the Hyper Island data strategist program I helped companies increase their reveneue, lead digital transformations and create new innovations based on data. I am creative at heart and creativity is in my mind, which is key to utilizing and visualizing the vast amount of data available today.

Culture > strategy

Creating the culture for a diverse team to grow and thrive takes effort. At Hyper Island I have learned to lead teams depending on the team's needs. I have lead workshops for a team of 40 peers and strategists. Here, we created the culture needed to be productive and comfortable when working together.

Culture is extremely powerful - and I would love to work together with you to take yours to the next level.

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